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دسته: بازی
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قیمت: رایگان
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FairyFail™ (FairyFail™)


این بازی بسیار اعتیاد آور و دارای 80 سطح بازی است !!!!در سرزمین پریان همه نوعی از موجودات وجود دارند که به طور معجزه آسایی با هم مخلوط شده اند حالا شما این فرصت را دارید که این اشتباه را تصحیح کنید و حیوانات شرور را از بقیه حیوانات جدا کنید.

Once upon a time in the Fairyland there lived kind and evil animals but somehow they miraculously got mixed. The evil animals disturbed all the rest. The kind creatures asked a hunter to help them to catch the evil ones. In a night he caught all, the kind and the evil. He couldn’t help it – it was dark. Now you’ve got an opportunity to correct his mistake. Release kind animals, so that the evil don’t interfere with them. The bears and Fireflies are kept in dungeons in cages. Mind the kind and evil creatures are kept together in cages. There’s no sense to save all of them. Which of them and how to release? What is in store for you? - Addictive “Aim and Shoot” Gameplay - Retina Display graphics with AAA+ quality graphics and magnificent animated effects - Realistic physical game engine - Achievements - 80 Awesome Levels About the game by Reviewers - FTG Review: Fairy Fail 8/10

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