نسخه: 2.5.2
دسته: آب و هوا
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قیمت: ۹,۹۹ دلار
زبان: انگلیسی
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Telemet, Inc.
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AccuWeather (AccuWeather WeatherCyclopedia™)


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AccuWeather WeatherCyclopedia™ - The Most Comprehensive Weather Encyclopedia Under The Sun NEW VERSION 2.5! Recent Reviews “(…) is a Nearly Perfect Storm of Information. If you’re a weather dweeb like I am, WeatherCyclopedia will send you sky high. Telemet, the developer bills this app as “The Most Comprehensive Weather Encyclopedia under the Sun” and I believe it.” Editor’s Picks score 9/10. “I have not spent much of my time looking through encyclopedias in general. However, this app seems to be just what it claims, The Most Comprehensive Weather Encyclopedia Under the Sun, (…) this app can answer all of your questions and more”. Feel free to contact us for general inquiries. Climate awareness is at the forefront of our daily news - know what they are talking about! We created WeatherCyclopedia™, The Most Comprehensive Weather Encyclopedia Under The Sun. Everything you ever wanted to know about weather concepts and terminology is now at your fingertips. Thousands of topics will be explained to you in an easy to understand language, supported by vivid graphics and animations. We also included an extensive glossary and trivia. Just browse or explore topics in-depth. Index of AccuWeather WeatherCyclopedia™: Creation of Weather -The Source of Weather Sun Earth Atmosphere -The Weather Builders Moisture, Pressure & Temperature Air Masses Pressure Systems Airflow Patterns -The Elements Precipitation Clouds Winds -The Effects Fronts Highs & Lows Storms Tropical Cyclones Floods & Droughts -Celestial Phenomena Climates of the World -Climate Zones Differentiation Climate/Weather Classification Climate Zones -Climate Changes Definition History & Causes Recording Future Climate -Geographical & Seasonal Variances El Nino/ La Nina Monsoons Ocean Currents Weather Forecasting -Data Gathering -Interpretation -Areas of Forecasting -Distribution -Maps & Symbols Weather Trivia -Weather Extremes Records Major Disasters Historical Weather Events -History of Meteorology Non scientific ways to predict weather Weather Funnies -Weather Safety & Health Precautions to take during different weather phenomenon Illnesses related to weather Glossary And hundreds of other subchapters and topics under each subject. Welcome to AccuWeather WeatherCyclopedia™, The Most Comprehensive Weather Encyclopedia Under The Sun!

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